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Announced at the World Cooperative Congress:

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate with the countries of the region in the field of technical, vocational and skills training in cooperative area.

Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare and president of Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran, Dr. Gholamhossein Hosseininia, said in December 2021, in his speech at the World Cooperative Congress: The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to share its experiences in the field of cooperatives and collaborate with the countries of the region in providing technical, vocational and skill training to cooperatives.

Dr. Hosseininia stated that the COVID 19 epidemic has revealed deep and structural inequalities, disrupted the lives of billions of people and endangered the global economy. Under these conditions, cooperative identity and business model can lead to a fair recovery from COVID 19.

Special role of cooperatives in Iran's medium- to long-term growth strategies

He added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has recognized the capacities of cooperatives, even before the COVID 19 epidemic, considering that sustainable and inclusive economic growth through the cooperative sector can lead to progress, decent job creation for all and improving living standards; and has considered cooperatives in its medium- to long-term growth strategies."

Dr. Hosseininia said: "The Iranian government, within the framework of the Iranian economic system, which consists of three sectors: public, private and cooperative, has set the agenda for a supportive policy and a legal framework, which is consistent with the nature and performance of cooperatives."

The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the activities of cooperatives for the benefit of deprived areas of the country

Referring to the Iranian government's support for the activities of cooperatives that meet the results of specific social and public policies, such as promoting employment or developing activities that benefit disadvantaged groups or regions, he added: "These measures include tax benefits, loans, financial aid, access to public works schedules and special support regulations."

The International Cooperative Alliance can facilitate the expansion of international collaboration of cooperatives and the development of the cooperative model.

Emphasizing that cooperatives are powerful tools for people-centered and better reconstruction, he suggested that the International Cooperative Alliance can share the initiatives and community-based achievements of cooperatives with countries and facilitate expansion of international cooperatives collaboration and cooperative model.

He also stressed that in order to realize the fifth principle, cooperatives should put education and information on the agenda and provide the necessary initiatives for the general public and young people regarding the nature and benefits of cooperatives, especially in crises.

Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare and president of the Technical and Vocational Training Organization, has participated in the World Cooperative Congress in South Korea at the invitation of the International Cooperative Alliance.

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